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Guide to choosing a care home

We know it is a difficult time for people moving into a Care Home.  We can give you practical advice and information to help make sure the decision you make is the correct one.  We aim to help you with the wealth of our experience.

Our Guide to choosing the right Care Home

Below is some information which may help you when looking around Care Homes:

1. Make a list of questions you would like answered and take them with you when you visit.

2. Visit without an appointment.

3. Always re-visit the Care Home a second time to meet other staff that work there.

4. Ask how often the Care Home uses agency staff.

5. If you have other relatives in the family, all visit separately so you all can have your own opinion and form your own different opinions.

6. Ask to speak to the people who live at the Care Home.

7. Ask to speak to any visitors and family members who happen to be visiting the Care Home.

8. Look at the people who live at the Care Home –  do they look happy and well cared for?

9. Look at the quality of the Manager and staff.

10.  Ask how long the Manager has worked in the Care Home.

11. Ask how many staff have worked in the Care Home for more than one year.

12. Ask about the price of fees.

13. Ask about “top up fees”.

14. Ask to see the room that is vacant.

15. Ask about what happens when a person’s capital drops below £23,500 if they are a self funding resident. Will the care home accept Local Authority fee rate? Or is there a top up required from the family?

For help and advice about residential Care at Hawksbury House please contact us. We’d be delighted to welcome you here for a visit click here to see where we are.