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Care Home Fees

We take both Local Authority Funded residents and Self-funding residents. Please contact the Care Home for the up to date fee rate.

To fully understand how your care will be financed it is important to get financial advice.  But briefly, if you have capital of £23,500 you will be classed as a self-funding client. If you have capital less than £23,500 you could be entitled to some financial help from the Local Authority.

If you have less than £14,000 in capital the Local Authority will provide financial help to pay for fees at the Care Home.

The Local Authority will carry out a Financial Assessment to determine your contribution to the Care Home fees.

Attendance Allowance – is a benefit of 2 levels and the benefit can range from £51.85- £77.45 per week.  Residents who pay their own fees are usually entitled to this benefit.  Please note Attendance Allowance rates change on a yearly basis – please click here for up to date information or call the Benefit Enquiry Line on Freephone Telephone: 0800 88 22 00 Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm for further details.

Please contact us for more information about funding Care.