Celebrating 27 years of Care at Hawksbury House
Hawksbury House Residential Care Home

Friends of Hawksbury House

Friends of Hawksbury House is a small team of people who are interested in the Care Home.  The group is usually made up of residents, relatives, friends and staff; anyone interested in joining the Friends of Hawksbury House Care Home can just turn up at the meeting.  We welcome all new members.

We hold monthly meetings when we discuss a range of matters.  When we get together, you are encouraged to discuss, suggest and feedback anything to do with life at Hawksbury House so that we can gain frank and open views on the care we provide as well as planning day to day life here at the Care Home.

Anything you need to talk about, no matter how great or small; our residents and their families have a chance to share this with our group.

We also plan excursions and activities for the coming months and try to involve as many residents, their friends and family, so that we can tailor what we do around you and your loved ones.