Celebrating 27 years of Care at Hawksbury House
Hawksbury House Residential Care Home
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How we maintain quality

We have regular care reviews with Residents and their visitors to ensure that the care we provide is just right for you.

We also measure our quality by talking to residents through regular residents meetings. Each resident has a regular care review, with their family member and we jointly review how the care service is working.

The Friends of Hawksbury House have their input through separate meetings where suggestions for improvement are welcomed.

Staff Training

The staff at Hawksbury House are highly trained and competent in their duties. The Care Home only uses its own employed staff, we do not use agency Care Workers as they may not be trained to the same standard we expect. We have 85% of care staff trained to NVQ Level 2 or above in Care. All our staff have had training specifically to the elderly age group.

This training includes Moving and Handling, Health and Safety, Infection Control, First Aid, Food Hygiene, Safeguarding, End of Life Care, Dementia Care.

Quality Assurance Review

As part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining and improving quality in our Care Home, we conduct a yearly Quality Assurance Review.

The Quality Assurance Review is objective and focussed on the views of the people who live in our Care Home. The aim of each Review is ultimately to help to improve the quality of life for each Resident living here.

How we conduct our research

Staff, visitors and visiting Health Professionals are sent confidential questionnaires to complete.  Residents are interviewed privately by several visitors to the Home and visitors are able to assist Residents to complete their questionnaires as they are able to act as an objective advocate for each Resident.

Internal audits

We also undertake internal audits which review our procedures including; house keeping, Care Plans, pocket money, infection control, staff training, kitchen and our medication system.

External Assessments

Hawksbury House is a residential care home registered and inspected by The Care Quality Commission. A copy of our latest inspection report can be found on the website: www.cqc.org.uk.

As well as assessments by the Quality Care Commission, we are also inspected by Gateshead Council to ensure that we meet quality standards.

Please contact us if you would like any information regarding our quality reviews.