Celebrating 27 years of Care at Hawksbury House
Hawksbury House Residential Care Home
Hawksbury House Care Home

Living with us

Care is at the centre of our Home and everything we do.

We wish to help our residents to achieve a lifestyle of their choice; enhancing self-esteem and dignity, maintaining privacy and independence, and providing people with new and interesting opportunities.

We are a caring community that provides individual care to each person that lives in our Care Home.

Each resident has an individual Care Plan

For each resident an individual plan of care is formulated and this will include details of their medical history, their likes and dislikes, and generally how they wish to be looked after.

Friends and Family can visit at any time

Family and friends are always greeted personally at the door by a welcoming member of staff who can give information about the person they are visiting. Residents can come and go as they please, with their family. All we ask is that on leaving a member of staff is informed.

We pride ourselves on keeping a clean, odour-free Home

The housekeeping staff pride themselves on keeping the Home clean and odour free – there are no nasty smells in this Home, only pleasant Home cooking smells.

The Care Home has all the facilities you would expect: Disabled baths and shower rooms, plasma televisions in the lounges, free Wi-Fi in the building with computer internet access, a hairdressing room and a lift.