Celebrating 27 years of Care at Hawksbury House
Hawksbury House Residential Care Home

Health and Wellbeing

We are dedicated to providing the very best care and to maintain the health and well being of our Residents.

Residents where possible can retain their GP and have the same access to services as they would in their own home.  Residents where necessary are visited in the Care Home by District Nurses, Dieticians, physiotherapists, McMillan nurses etc.


We are a small friendly Care Home so it is very easy to raise an issue or complaint.  Issues that are raised are dealt with very quickly as the Care Team always want to get the care right.

Everyone knows and sees the manager and deputy so the opportunities to talk and discuss concerns are readily available.

Hobbies and Interests

We support all of our Residents in their hobbies and personal interests and we aim to make people happy.

A wide variety of activities are arranged after listening to the ideas and suggestions of the residents who live at the Care Home.  These are designed to entertain and stimulate and most of all they are fun!

We regularly arrange activities including visiting entertainers, an artist, fish and chip suppers and cookery sessions, to name only a few.