Celebrating 27 years of Care at Hawksbury House
Hawksbury House Residential Care Home
Cath Pearson
"I want to ensure that residents can fully participate in decisions affecting their lives; embracing the principle that each person is always central to care decisions and choices are always met with respect and dignity."

Cath Pearson (Deputy Manager)

Cath has worked at Hawksbury House for over 20 years and is now Deputy Manager at the Care Home.

What is my role?

It is my role as Deputy Manager to assist and support Jackie Murray, our Care Home Manager in all aspects of the day to day running of the Home on a 24 hour basis.

What is special about Hawksbury House?

Hawksbury House is very special to me; as it’s not just a job – it’s a big part in my life.  Knowing that I can make a difference and ensuring the highest standard of care always comes first for all our residents.

What I like most about my role

I get a great satisfaction in my job; knowing the job I do ..caring for the elderly, is carried out in a very professional and caring environment.

How long have I worked at Hawksbury House?

I have worked at Hawksbury House for 20 years and the most important part of my job is having the knowledge, skill and experience to ensure I am providing the highest standard of care for all the residents.

What’s the most important part of your job?

I want to ensure that residents can fully participate in decisions affecting their lives; embracing the principle of the person is always centre to the care. I also want to ensure that all residents decisions and choices are always met with respect and dignity.


Cath’s Qualifications

NVQ Qualification in Health and Social Care
NVQ Qualification in Dementia Care and is a Dementia Champion
Completed training for End of Life Care
Completed Medication training
Cath is up to date with all compulsory training for Moving and Handling, First Aid, Health and Safety, Infection control, Food Hygiene and safeguarding of adults who are at risk
Mental Capacity Act Training
She is currently undertaking The Care Managers Award